Bridging the Knowledge Gap


With over 10 years of training and group facilitation, we have proven success in helping our clients reach their learning potential and achieving their professional goals.


Our experience and proficiency is in content development and content delivery. Our current focus is in the areas of cybersecurity and process improvement. We understand the interdependencies of people, process, and technology; therefore, we create and provide structured training contents that are delivered optimally in hybrid format to enhance our clients' learning experience.


Ultimately, through our structured learning processes, we are able to help our clients build knowledge networks, which helps bridge the knowledge gap within the IT environment. 

AssuranceHill is a training and career development consulting firm that specializes in providing training in risk management and process management. The mission of our company is to bridge the gap in information security by providing vendor-neutral cybersecurity training. We have the vision to provide training regionally and internationally. Our goal is to ensure that every information security professional and business within our reach have the right skills, abilities, and competencies, to leverage in their professional domains. We also provide training in SCRUM targeted towards agile professionals that want to integrate their IT experience with the agile methodology.


Our training are offered in hybrid format providing the flexibility to meet live or in-person. We excel on our ability to remain flexible especially by delivering bootcamp certification training and short-courses virtually. Because we have no restrictions delivering our training live online, we can meet virtually anywhere at anytime. Because we provide vendor-neutral certifications, our clients value them more because they are recognized regionally and internationally.


Mile2 is our preferred partnership that provides training support for cybersecurity certification bootcamp training. We partnered with Mile2 to bring you vendor-neutral cybersecurity certifications that are accredited by NSA, approved on DHS NICCS training schedule, and sought after by FBI as the preferred training solution. Leveraging the support and flexibility we both offer, we can offer you a range of training solutions.

As an Authorized Training Partner of CompTia, we are able to deliver neutral-vendor certification preparation courses for IT professional. These certifications include the Security+, IT Fundamentals, and more. These certification are compliant with ISO standards and DOD Directives , which enhances the job prospects for IT professionals.

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